Blue Line Industries (LSV) Street Legal T4

$13,800.00 $12,500.00

Blue line Industries 4 Seater 1100cc 4x4 with front and rear locker four wheel drive, Recaro style seats with 4 point seat belts. 18000 watt LED light bar is now standard equipment, high and low beams headlights, horn, turn signals, four wheel disk brakes, 3000 pound winch, buggy is completely street legal (LSV). The buggy is ready to ship anywhere in the world, turn key and drive. We build them street legal here in Longwood, Florida. There is a few OPTIONS that is available for the buggy that is not in the picture of the buggy. A touch screen radio, marine grade amplifier with a 8 inch subwoofer and three component speakers placed throughout the buggy. A less aggressive all terrain tire for a quieter ride on the street is ($500). The buggy's are a lot of fun, powerful and at 40+ miles to the gallon, they are good for driving to work on secondary roads, running around town, going to the beach, cruising with a few friends, out on a date or driving a little off-road. If you need more info, please email or call us. We have black, burgundy and white available in both styles, 2 or 4 seater. 

We have a 2 seater 4x4, automatic transmission, 800cc V-Twin with a 7in touch screen radio. We have many in stock, burgundy, black, yellow, blue and white. Check us out at\Bluelineindustriesllc. If you need more info, please give us a call, Blue Line industries LLC at 407-801-3511, thanks.   

We have 2 and 4 seater "ODES UTV's". They are available in 800cc and 1000cc V-Twin motors, 4x4 automatic with locker front and rear, push start, LED Lightbar..... for more info on models available. Our buggies are street legal as a LSV, that is a federal requirement. They do get a license plate and can be driven on the secondary roads / streets like a car. Don't get confused. . You may see similar buggies out there, but they are not street legal. Ours are legal is approx 49 states and can be registered with a state license plate. Our buggies meet the federal D.O.T requirements needed to be street legal in 49 states. Thanks for checking out or listing.

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