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Predator FX 400cc 2 Seater

$8,999.00 $7,999.00

The Blue Line Industries Predator 400 FX-2 Seater UTV is an off-road and street legal LSV four-wheeled vehicle that can help you complete work tasks, commute to your local downtown area or have some off-road fun. UTV's ease of use and low cost make it more popular. If you are using or considering the purchase of a pickup truck or tractor for your off-road tasks, you may want to ask yourself if you'll utilize its full capabilities, or whether you're paying for extras you don't need. UTVs are easy to operate. Many jobs are completed by one or two people with a few tools and materials. These jobs don't require fast, heavy, high capacity, not to mention expensive, equipment such as trucks and tractors. Utility vehicles are compact, safe, require very little training, and are easy to use - all at a fraction of the cost to buy, maintain, and insure as larger vehicles. Utility vehicles can easily carry two people, their tools, supplies or materials, and a modest trailer to their destination easily. They are lightweight, easy to ingress and egress, and consume very little fuel. You can add to their capabilities with countless accessories and upgrades like lighting, canvas roof for protection from the sun, racks & storage, power assist, tires & wheels, winches, excellent ground clearance, Bluetooth stereo and much more.

MODEL                PREDATOR 400 XL-4 SEATER Street Legal LSV Golf Cart Community

MODEL                "PREDATOR FX400 UTV"
Engine style           4-stroke,Single-Cylinder, Water-cooled   
Displacement           311.4   
Horse Power            15.2KW ( 7000rpm)20.4HP   
Valve Configuration          OHV   
Compression ratio          10.5:1   
Fuel Delivery System          Fuel Pump+Vacuum Diaphragm Carburetor   
Choke System            Two Chokes System /Automatic   
Fuel capacity        11L (2.5 Gallon)   
Top speed        75km/h   
Dry weight        365kg   
Gross weight        385kg   
Drive Type          4X2    
Drive System        Shaft-Drive   
Transmission         Constantly Variable Transmission   
Gear Selection         F-N-R   
Speed/Fuel  meter       LED Meter   
Battery         12AH 12V   
Rear Lights        Brake Lights & Left/Right Turn Signal lights   
Ignition system        D.C.D.I   
Suspension Front         Double A-arm Suspension   
Suspension Rear          Fang power 4-Link® bar Rear Suspension   
Brakes F/R        "220MM F/R Dual Hydraulic Disk"   
Front/Rear Tread        1250mm ( 49.2 in) / 1150mm ( 45.2in)   
Front & Rear tire size         25x8-12 / 25x10-12   
Front & Rear rim size        12x6 / 12x8   
Wheelbase        1980mm (78in)   
Packing size         2290*1300*815   
Ground clearance         300mm(11.8in)   
Vehicle dimension (L×W×H)        2700x1450x1660mm(106x57x65)   
Optional on Off-road edition: Windshield/LED roof light